Tuesday, June 1, 2010

20. Back from Boston!

This last two weeks has been crazy! I have finally returned from Massachusetts. :) The guest spot at Zaza Ink in Worcester was amazing and I met some really great people. They'd even like me to return for two weeks in September or October, so be prepared for more piercing madness! Here's a picture of me and some friends from the shop. Miss Irene, Steve, me, and Joe.

It was truly a fun time. I ate tons of delicious food, drank tasty beers, and hung out with awesome people! I even met friends from a couple websites I'm on, BME and BodyMod. It's always cool to meet people I've talked to on the internet for months to years. :D

I was also tattooed! Here's a portrait of my kitty, Kakarot! It was done by the shop owner of Zaza Ink, Joe Peterson. I love it!

Downtown Boston.... I love this city. <3

We only spent half a day in Revere Beach, but it was still a lot of fun. The beach wasn't very busy and I was able to collect some cool shells. :D

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