Friday, January 8, 2010

4. Microdermals!

Sometimes even a piercer gets pierced. :)

Though I usually go see someone for when I get pierced, this time I did it to myself. I've thought on it for awhile, but I decided to land some anchors in my face. Personally, I don't think the dermal anchors are like getting a normal piercing and are a lot less painful. I also have been thinking about trying a new technique for dermal anchor pocketing, and since I don't like to practice on clients, I did the new technique on myself. Turns out it works MUCH BETTER than my old technique, and it knocks about 4 - 5 seconds off the entire procedure. Awesome, right? And I have two new anchors, and I'm really starting to dig them. I'm still at work and my husband hasn't seen them yet, so I hope he loves them too!

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