Sunday, January 3, 2010

1. New Year Resolution

As part of my 2010 resolution, I've decided to begin documenting my piercing work and self modification. Not only do I want to document what I do, but I also wanted to give something to people who don't know much about piercing, and help educate others about safe piercing. I'm very technical and into my work! So here goes my piercing/modification blog! Yay! :)

Here's a bit about me:

I'm Cale, 27 years old this month, and I live with my husband in a cool house outside of Denver. I have a kitty named Kakarot and a spider named Rex. I also have a bunch of tropical fishies. :) My husband is a tattoo artist and we hope to own our own place one day. :)

I've been piercing professionally for just about 3 years. I've been in my current shop, True Blue Tattoo, as the sole piercer for about 6 months now and it's lovely. :) I'm skilled in a wide variety of piercing as well as dermal punching, minor scalpelling procedures, and I'm experienced in suspensions. I specialize in genital piercing and surface work/dermal anchors, but I also very much enjoy doing corsets/temporary piercing and custom ear work. I use industry standard 316LVM surgical steel and titanium jewelry, and can also pierce with glass or 24k gold. I offer glass retainer piercing for those who can't have visible piercings and wants one, and I make/bend a variety of custom industrial barbells here in the shop. My shop has one of the largest jewelry selections on this side of town as well. :)

I'm very friendly and professional. I love to help out people with their piercings, even if I didn't pierce them. :) My booth isn't very big, but it's cozy and I love hanging up gifts and cards that I receive from my clients. I love it. :D

I have a lot of my own modifications, and though I don't have time to write it out at this moment, I will in the near future. I hope this blog helps inspire those to understand piercing a little better. :) Keep an eye out for more posts and photos!

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  1. Thought I would start back at the beginning. I look forward to getting an actual piercing (or two) next time we come up to Denver. And of course getting more jewelry. And discussing future works.