Tuesday, January 19, 2010

7. Finger Surface Piercings

I'm a piercer who especially enjoys doing surface piercing, but I'm not one to just pierce any place..if I know it isn't going to work out, it's likely I won't do it. I prefer to not pierce the finger area too, due to the fact that the few things I have done on a finger have lasted less than two months (snags are a big cause of loosing a little finger piercing).

I agreed to do this set of piercings, even though I was wary. I just didn't want her to have problems, more so because I've done surface piercings on her that have healed, and I didn't want her to have something that would fail. She talked me into it, and since she takes extreme care with her surface work, I decided to do this set of fingers. These aren't just a piercing you can get and then forget about, you know?? Ultimately, I did them the best I could, gave her a strict aftercare regiment, and sent her off into the world. Since she is a regular, I would see her often to check up on them.

Here is a photo of the day I pierced them.

I used 16g curved barbells, and I flattened them out a little so they didn't have such a sharp curve. I chose curved barbels because I've tried tygon before and there were problems. My main concern was the first two weeks. It's a high motion area and there was a bit of swelling. Generally for piercings like this, the swelling would be minor for days and possibly prolonged due to so much movement, and redness around the holes probably for most of the healing time. Any snag or a couple missed cleanings in the first few weeks could have done these piercings in.

But she knew that it wouldn't be easy, and took extremely great care of them. Here is what they looked like at just over 5 weeks old.

She followed the regiment I gave to her exactly, and look at how lovely they are healing! These are quite possibly the best looking finger surface piercings I have seen at 5-6 weeks old. The redness is minor around the holes, and there has been no migration whatsoever. I was expecting to see at least some migration, but she seems to not be experiencing any at all. She's had a couple little snags, but otherwise no soreness and little crusting.

Well, I saw her again yesterday, so here they are at 10 weeks.

It's hard to believe that they look this good and have lasted this long. Still some minor redness around the holes (it hasn't changed in a few weeks) but no real scarring, and it looks like the jewelry is still sitting well with no signs of migration or rejection so far. She told me there has still been very little crusting and they never seem to get irritated, even if they get tugged on every now and again. At this rate, she may be able to actually heal these things.... if all goes well!

I will post more photos as time goes on. Even if these piercings do begin to have problems or fail, I will still document the process. I hope you come back for more in the future. :)

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