Wednesday, March 9, 2011

44. Ampallang Piercing

Here's a lovely healing 8g ampallang piercing I did just over a month ago. I downsized the jewelry to a shorter barbel and today was a check up.

I love functional piercing. I've only done a handful of ampallang piercings but surely it is the best of all male genital piercings! I've found it is also the most painful for men, and can take a long time to heal if not pierced through the urethra. I would love to do more of these but the Prince Albert will always be number one.


  1. Looks amazing Cale! I have yet to have any brave souls walk through our doors and ask for one. *lol*

  2. Cale, you're the best! Love my ampallang and can't wait to gauge it up a little. I personally think the horizontal nipple is the most painful male piercing. Coming to see you to have my neck piercing trimmed down and talk about some others for myself and and a friend...

  3. Thanks for your share! very impressive!

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  4. I so want one of these & will be getting one after my vasectomy.