Sunday, February 27, 2011

43. Spring is coming!

I don't have very much to report. My work has been busy and keeps me there late, which basically means I have no life. Hahaha. It's not so bad though! I got a little hair cut, finally! It feels so amazing to have it off of my neck. It's not much, but I'm pretty stoked on it. Here's a picture:

I've been planning for the summer and have a couple guest spots and of course Skindependence coming up...yay! It's been crazy planning already for the big event but I'm really excited. I've got corsets planned that will definitely blow away most of what I've done in the past, and I hope I'm able to win another award (though there won't be much competition this year, hehe).

Looks like I'm going to APP this year in Vegas as well, but only for two days. I'm going to take a couple anatomy courses, and maybe genital piercing class from Elayne Angel. Her class is expensive so I hope I can save up enough. I hope to buy a ton of jewelry for my shop too. Our collection has surpassed that of all of the shops around us now, and it's sort of a relief! I've been working so hard on the jewelry cases...I'm even beginning to get more jewelry from Anatometal, which is my favorite. And it looks so beautiful when displayed for all to see. :D

I should head out, before I get too excited. I do love talking about jewelry. Hehehe!

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