Monday, October 25, 2010

33. Bad Microdermals

Here's an unfortunate end to six microdermals about a week old. Two on the wrist, two on the lower back, and two on the stomach. She had them done at another shop, by a tattoo artist who also pierces. It's obvious that he did not reach the appropriate depth and most of them had already started rejection. She told me that it took him about 15 to 20 minutes to do each piercing, and that it was extremely painful. He told her to force them down with band aids to help them "set". Hah! If anything, the force from the band aids made her problems worse. He also charged her an outrageous amount of money, for six microdermals that are a style I'm pretty sure they don't make anymore.

I removed all six for her.

This is not what microdermals should look like after a week. They should be flush with the skin and there should be little to no redness. They're also not that painful of a procedure. It's important to look at portfolios and look at pictures of microdermals the piercer has done. Even if they have pierced you before, if there are no microdermals in their portfolio, chances are they may be inexperienced with the procedure.

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